[Geysers] Another Geyser Carol

Bill Johnson canbelto at gmail.com
Mon Dec 19 18:46:43 PST 2011

Would Steve be hopelessly offended if I took a crack at this too?

(To the tune of “Good King Wenceslas”)

*Tara, Kitt and T.S.B.*

*Sat at Beehive, hoping*

*Indicators soon to see;*

*Lacking one, they’re moping.*

*Then across on Channel 4*

*Came tidings so surprising*

*That it made their spirits soar:*

*“Mastiff’s water’s rising!”*

* *

*Geyser gazers near and far*

*Too numerous to mention*

*Ran to Upper Basin’s star*

*With their full attention*

*Focused on good things to come:*

*Mastiff, Bijou, Feather*

*All behaving, bringing some*

*Gazing friends together.*

* *

*But alas, it didn’t go;*

*Giant still lay sleeping.*

*Gazers’ faces filled with woe;*

*Some were even weeping.*

*But as the excitement died,*

*With Feather growing shorter,*

*More ecstatic gazers cried,*

*“Look!  There’s Fan and Mortar…”*

* *

*So, our moral’s plain to see*

*As we face the New Year:*

*Long years after you and me,*

*Geysers still will be here.*

*Yellowstone, we love you too*

*For the joys you give us.*

*Happy Holidays to you*

*And a Merry Christmas!*

-- Bill Johnson, with thanks to all of the above, and many more who've made
this relative newbie to geyser gazing feel welcome.
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