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 I saw Bulger's Hole four times during my visit in Yellowstone.  I believe that the water rises in the hole clear and then turns milky during the eruption.  Here is a brief description of each eruption and links to video of some of the eruptions.  I will also try to attach pictures that show some changes in the hole over several days (7/10, 7/13 right after the 1530 eruption, and 7/13 about 4 hours later when it looked obvious there had been another eruption).
7/8/11 - 0538 - During a Grand eruption Jim suddenly said "Bulger's Hole" and I ran to see it.  After watching for only seconds, I thought to get my camera, but the eruption was over before I even got my camera out.
7/13/11 - 1532ie - Really started 1530 but we (Matt and I) didn't call it right away due to our excitement I think.  At 1532 I just said "Bulger's Hole is erupting" into the radio and Dean came back to see it.  It was a good strong eruption but I didn't have a video camera ready, so I took a lot of still shots.  Bulger was erupting at the same time, the bridge was still there, and the water was cloudy in the hole, all of which I think can be seen in my pictures.  I put the pictures together to make a kind of video you can watch here: http://youtu.be/9IUuRkmRduI
7/26/11 - 1758/1803 - This is the same eruption that Ben reported and shared video.  The bridge was gone by this eruption and Bulger and Bulger's Hole took turns erupting.  Our videos: http://youtu.be/dXtrdp-bhWg  and http://youtu.be/QPKpMr-iXC8
7/30/11 - 1339 - I hadn't seen Bulger erupting for the 15-20 minutes prior to this eruption.  I THINK Bulger's Hole started erupting without Bulger going first.  During the eruption Bulger did start erupting and then stopped and Bulger's Hole continued during and after Bulger.  This eruption had the highest water level of all the eruptions I think.   I cut 4 minutes of the drain in order to be able to post it on youtube. The original was 11 minutes long and I cut from the 5 minute mark to the 9 minute mark. Video: http://youtu.be/ue0E6xg1pf4
Chris Daubert
Bulger's Hole
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