[Geysers] Geyser Report 10/23/2010

Bill Warnock billwarnock at wyellowstone.com
Sat Oct 23 18:36:16 PDT 2010

The weather prediction was 55% chance of precipitation, possibly snow, after noon.  Actually, this morning was brilliant sun with scattered clouds.  I parked at Great Fountain at 0835 this morning.  It was in overflow, and I had to wait 12 minutes for the Big Boil at 0847.  Afterwards ran into Mike Keller and Carolyn in the Upper Basin, and we commented on what a fine day it was for late Oct.  It did get cloudy in the pm and was cooler, but all in all a fine day.

Great Fountain  0847 p=8
Grand  0700E  It had not yet erupted again when I left at around 5 pm
Depression  0927ie  1243  1527
Plume  0943  1043  1131  1315  150l
Castle  1039ns  maj.
Fountain  1009ie
Indicator  1117ie
Beehive  1128
Lion  1205  1324ns  1423 minor  1454
Grotto Ftn.  1039ie
Grotto  1243
Aurum  1302
Sawmill  1459
Riverside  1514ns
Daisy  1107ie  1549
Oblong  1552ns
W. Triplet  1622

90%  precip forecast for tomorrow with snow expected...we'll see.
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