[Geysers] Delayed geyser report Oct. 14-17

Polly Panos pollypanos at earthlink.net
Sat Oct 23 18:10:06 PDT 2010

Hello again!
   Here are the geyser times that I have from my trip last weekend.  Sorry for the delay in reporting these.  (I had to work extra late 4 out of 5 nights this past week.) 

Thursday, Oct. 14
   Grotto 0746ie  (off before 0911); 1556ie
   Daisy 0943, 1214, 1450, 1723
   Beehive 1029ie  (Didn't see it - was occupied somewhere else!)
   Fan & Mortar 1042 (details sent in an earlier e-mail)
   Riverside 1314 (with a beautiful rainbow)
   Castle 1413 major
   Depression 1447ie
   Oblong 1515ns
   Grand 1549 G2*Q (The second burst was extremely long!  I wish that I had timed it more carefully, but the total duration of the eruption was about 13 minutes.)
   Terra Cotta - 3 vents were ie at 1617 and off at 1621.  Very pretty!
Friday, Oct. 15
   I have just a couple of times to add to what Scott Grisso already reported:
   Lion 0825ie
   Riverside 0842
   Daisy 0850
   There was a note posted at Great Fountain that it was seen ie at 1415.
Saturday, Oct. 16
   Castle minor 0812ns; major 1315ie
   Daisy 0819ie, 1328ie, 1607
   Plume 0830ie
   Beehive - a radio report of 0423
   Spasm 1051
   Jet series began 1101
   Fountain 1205 d=30m; 1743ie (off 1801)
   Grand 0706 electronic; 1718 T1C
   Beehive's Indicator 1732ie (as we left Grand)
   Beehive - a radio report of 0423; 1734
   Great Fountain 1428 P=5
   Artemisia 1622ie
   Riverside 1704ie
   Spa 1845ie
Sunday, Oct. 17
   Lion 0710, 0829, 0938
   Beehive's Indicator 0706ie (We think that it had only been going a couple of minutes when we confirmed that it was ie.
   Beehive 0723
   Plume 0728, 0825, 0927
   Oblong 0838ie, 1319ie
   Daisy 0943, 1214
   Depression 1006
   West Triplet 1106
   Rift 1139
   Riverside 1235
   Artemisia 1300ie
   Grand 1340 T2*C
   Fountain 1100
   Pink Cone 1243ie
   Great Fountain 1207 P=7
   Aurum 1414
   Kitt called me later to say that Fan & Mortar had erupted at 1820ie and Beehive at 2101.

There was a bald eagle flying around (near Grand) that we saw 3 of the days.  
The energy was at Chromatic each time that I walked by.
   It was a thoroughly enjoyable fall trip!
   Polly Panos


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