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Thu Oct 21 07:24:06 PDT 2010

Greetings Gazers - 
It has been a fun summer at Norris, as you know.  Paperiello and Keller visited in March and didn't see too much out of the 'ordinary', and when I arrived on opening weekend observed very frequent eruptions of Fireball and Pinto, which slowed down after that into some regularity.   My most recent stint at the Constant bench yielded no Fireball eruptions in 2 hours. As you know Vixen and Whirligig also resumed activity. 
I'd like to put together a synopsis of the observed activity for the 2010 season.  If you are interested in contributing please send me your times, or a synopsis of your observations or observed intervals.  Some of you do turn in your times to the Norris logbook, others post them here.  If you still have your list serve emails in a sent folder, that would do. 
I won't crunch numbers (believe me, I am no stastician) but will compile a general month by month synopsis, and will list the contributors. 
I caught Denise on her last day in the basin in early October and captured the logbooks from this season (Thanks Denise!) and will incorporate those times into the other info and we should have a best available idea of this summer's observed activity.  Often I only stop for a few hours coming and going elsewhere, so your information of a single interval or a few times here or there might mesh with someone else's for closed intervals.   
Please reply off list to my email address below and I'll have some fun compiling the info after road closing.  
Three weekends left, and the snow is arriving this weekend...  
M.A. Bellingham
mabdepot at msn.com

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