[Geysers] Geysers 10/20-21

Tom Carberry tcarbery at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 21 14:12:58 PDT 2010

>From where Bill left off:
Castle 1518 (Maj.)
Fountain 1554 ie

10/21 {A lovely June day.}

F&M between 1500 10/20 and 1000 10/21 My guess is around 0600-0900 10/21.
Grotto Fountain 1041 ie
Grotto 1043
S. Grotto Fountain 1047
Daisy 1051 ie
Castle inferred AM minor then 1058 ns (Maj.)
Lion a sub 1 min. 40' burst at 1115 (Series end?)

Beehive behaving better. No false indicators observed in last 3 days. Albeit with sporadic observation. But it had splashing from the cone every ~15 min. for hours leading up to the Tues. eruption, which it wasn't doing during the dark times.

I saw more people in an hour at Pocket Basin than I did in an hour in the UGB. That's both somewhat encouraging and profoundly wrong. Mound to 6'; Pocket to 3'; mud pots not particularly muddy.

Tom Carberry

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