[Geysers] Beehive

Polly Panos pollypanos at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 18 19:22:28 PDT 2010


   As Scott said, it seems that Beehive is behaving more normally again.  We were able to make some good guesses about when it would erupt this past weekend.  Here are some times that I have copied for the last few days - some of them from my times in the park and some from other reports such as the webcam.  (Hopefully I have these copied correctly, as I didn't go back to the original source to double-check.)

Oct. 8   1800wc
Oct. 9   1131wc
Oct. 10  1112ie wc
Oct. 11  1704wc
Oct. 12  1143wc
Oct. 13  Possible ~0445 - Visitors staying in the Inn were awakened by a very loud "Old Faithful"
Oct. 14  1029ie
Oct. 15  1316
Oct. 16  0423 VR
Oct. 17  0723

   It will be interesting to check when the data is downloaded again next spring/summer to see if some of those intervals are double.  We heard of one possible false or mid-cycle Indicator on the 15th.  The Visitor's Center called over the radio to ask if we could confirm a possible Indicator report from a visitor.  When we checked, the Indicator was not going.  There could have been mid-cycle or false Indicators the last few days, though, because often it was not in our view.

Go Beehive!
Polly Panos

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