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Anyone who's interested in being interviewed, please respond directly to

Udo Freund
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Subject: Recent Activity in Yellowstone

Hi, my name is Marshall Jefcoat and I am working on a paper for my 
Online Journalism class from the University of Wyoming.  The paper is on 
recent activity in Yellowstone in relation to the super volcano there.  
I was referred to GOSA by Bruce Richardson and I was wondering if I 
could interview someone for my paper.  I am interested in recent data on 
the geysers, such as changes in eruption times.  For example, are the 
geysers erupting more or less than before?  Are the eruptions lasting 
longer?  Are there new geysers being formed?  If there are, is this 
unusual?  Is the number of geysers being formed unusual from historic data?
My email is m.coat at hotmail.com.

Thank you for your time.

Marshall Jefcoat

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