[Geysers] Trip Report 4-25 to 5-3-09

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During this flu season, please refrain from using words with swine or pig in them.  (okay, go ahead and groan)


Udo Freund

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(just for the record)...Back in the 1970s there were times when Pigmy contained enough water to actually sputter a bit. Maybe it's going to return to glory!


Scott Bryan


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There is a patch of gravel by the board walk in line with Silver Spring and Little Squirt that bubbles up or sometimes sizzl es  when  Little Squirt erupts.   

If this is the spot at the slight bend of the boardwalk to the left toward Anemone, the patch is actually a named feature, Pygmy Geyser (no, really!).

Most of the time it is not noticeable except as a discolored patch of sinter, but when the ground is wet I have sometimes seen steaming and bubbling.

Ralph Taylor 



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