[Geysers] Geyser Preservation and Scholarly Literature

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One of the first hits that students and reporters should get is a GOSA site 
on what happens to geysers
if geothermal energy is recovered for human consumption.  I fully agree that
cited relevant sources from scholarly literature should be used to write
such a page.  This is how I teach my kids to look for creditable web sites.

I would think that one of the more scholarly people (I don't have that PhD)
should write this page and it would then also be authored by an authority as
well as have a work cited section.  I will write it if a PhD person doesn't
volunteer.  What do the Directors of Gosa say?

Janet Johns

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I suggest that any public statements on the destruction of geysers
by geothermal energy developments should cite relevant sources
from the scholarly literature.

I have several papers in my files that could be used to support the
argument that geothermal energy developments destroy geysers.

I would be happy to help include this information in any public statements
we make.

Here's an interesting question: if geothermal fluids are withdrawn from
point A, what is the greatest distance (point B) at which the effects of
geothermal fluid extraction have been noted?  Is it 1 mile?  3 miles?  10 

The Park boundary is:

12.9 miles from Old Faithful (Upper Geyser Basin)
10.4 miles from Imperial Geyser (Lower Geyser Basin)
14.7 miles from Shoshone Geyser Basin
8.6 miles from Three River Junction
1.8 miles from Boundary Creek
11 miles from Heart Lake Geyser Basin
3.9 miles from Mammoth Hot Springs

All of these areas (excepting Mammoth) contain geysers.  Of course,
loss of geothermal fluids at any location would be unacceptable to us and
contrary to the original purpose of the Park.

Jeff Cross
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