[Geysers] Wencam times 12/19/09

Graham Meech meechg at verizon.net
Sat Dec 19 16:21:59 PST 2009

Here are some times from the webcam on Saturday 12/19/09  taken from the
chat log
( <http://yellowstone..paulthompson.net/camchat/#StreamOnly>
http://yellowstone.paulthompson.net/camchat/#StreamOnly), thank you for all
the reports.  We can all breathe a sigh of relief, Beehive erupted in
daylight today so it hasn't gone dormant....yet.


Beehive 1233ie, Ind 1221ie,

Daisy 0859ie, 1136, 1422, 

Depression 0907ie, 1143ie, 1512ie, 

Grand or Oblong 1641ie

Lion 0733ie, 0855ie, 1045ie, 1138, 1233 (?) with Beehive, 1333ie, 1428ie,
1531ie, 1636, 

Little Squirt 1619ie, 

OF 0750, 1100ie, 1230, 1409, 1540, 

Plume 1205, 

Riverside 0902ie, 


Graham Meech


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