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Fri Mar 14 15:38:56 PDT 2008

My apology to the list server for letting a private email end up here.
John Warnock

From: johnwarnock at msn.comTo: geysers at lists.wallawalla.eduDate: Thu, 13 Mar 2008 21:46:06 +0000Subject: [Geysers] photo CD

My dear subject:
Let it be known that your EMPEROR was pleased; VERY PLEASED with your humble offering.  After a conference with "mini-me" I am going to have it placed in the Empires' Archives as a peranent reminder of your good work-lowly one!!
I can't believe you got ANOTHER  daytime GIANT...well done.  I have reservations with the whole family the 1st week of June and seeign about just after Labor Day...you have been forewarned.
Hope all is well.
I remain;
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