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Donnie Grisso dlgrisso at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 9 07:11:06 PST 2008

I have some really sad news to post to the list-serve. For the second straight Christmas, our Christmas card to Jan Childers was returned. Last week we received this letter from her daughter.   
  " Dear Friends,
  It is never a good time to tell you this -- my mother Janice Eileen Clark Childers, known to you as Jan, passed away last year on November 12, 2006. Please forgive me for not telling you last year; I just couldn't write this until now.
  We had her last five years in Hawaii; I'm so glad she moved over here to be with me. We were close--she was a wonderful mother; and I really miss her. She died of natural causes, probably complications of Alzheimer's dementia or pneumonia.
  I know you'll be grieving as I am, and I know you loved her too. She enjoyed receiving your cards and letters; I read them to her. She loved hearing about your families and their activities.
  As you may know, Jan was living in a care home after she fell at home and broke her hip. She was in a happy, caring environment and I visited her often. She was bedridden but still enjoyed watching sports,especially basketball on TV; and she also loved watching old movies. She also talked about her dear friends like you. 
  I hope your Holidays are joyous, despite the sad news.     
  With Aloha,
  Betty and I were both deeply saddened by the news. We were worried last Christmas when we didn't hear from her, and I thought her daughter's letter was touching to say the least. I wasn't sure whether to post this on the list serve but felt like many of the long time geyser gazers would want to know if they didn't already. Even though I hadn't seen Jan in a long time, I often thought of her, and especially while watching for Grand geyser. We met Jan in 1990 and spent several summers visiting with her in the park and even visited her home while she was living in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. She so loved Grand and would plan her everyday in the park around it's prediction time. Jan was the person who got me "hooked" on Grand and Yellowstone. She was a special person and she will be missed.
  Donnie Grisso

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