[Geysers] GIANT - 10/26 @ 1325

Pat Snyder riozafiro at comcast.net
Tue Oct 16 17:02:43 PDT 2007

Thanks for the great report, Bill!
Here is the webcam snap, almost right at the start!
Pat Snyder

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On Oct 16, 2007, at 4:08 PM, Bill Warnock wrote:

> Giant erupted at 1325 today, Tuesday, Oct. 26.  Grotto had gone  
> into marathon yesterday at 1203 and was off this morning when first  
> visit was made around 0800.  Andrew Bunning estimates it ended  
> around 0600.
> When I arrived at the cage around 1100, Emerald was bubbling, water  
> was occasionally splashing right to left in back Mastiff, Catfish  
> was spurting now and then, and later Bijou was putting out some  
> weak spurts.  Giant also had some visible boiling.
> Oblong went at 1208, Daisy at 1237, Grand at 1302 (1b), and at  
> 1312, water was rising in Mastiff.  The Giant hot period began at  
> 1313.  Mastiff began to overflow massively, and boils gradually  
> increased from 1-2 feet to 6-8.  At 1322 Mastiff started surging  
> higher than Giant's cone, became wider and broader, and then soared  
> well above 40-50 feet, with some spikes even higher.  Giant was  
> visibly wrestling in its cone, spilling water over the front edge.   
> Swells became higher and higher and at 1325 and 3 secs., according  
> to Andrew's watch, GIANT EXPLODED SKYWARD...over 200 feet we think,  
> but not as high as some others we've seen.  (Turtle went early in  
> the eruption 6-8 feet.)  Duration was 93 minutes.  I'll download my  
> pics tonite and forward one or two if worthwhile.
> It had been cloudy and quite cool, but then the sun came out early  
> in the eruption, and we were treated to a light rainbow.  Only  
> other gazers there were Andrew B. and Tom from W.Yell.  Saw  
> Riverside 1501 n.s.; after passing by Grand, saw Beehive Indicator  
> at 1511 i.e. followed by Beehive at 1513.  (It went at 1515  
> yesterday!)
> All in all a nice day, esp after the Rockies' win last night.  It  
> started raining in the Madison Canyon, and more is expected tonight.
> Bill
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