[Geysers] recent photo of Giant

Meg Justus megj at nwlink.com
Thu Mar 29 11:12:08 PDT 2007

Thank you so much, Gary!

hoping to get back to the park this summer, but unfortunately not counting on it


  I was hoping that Kristine would jump in here.  My guess is along these lines.  I know she was out looking for a grizzly reported in the UGB.  So I expect that she had the 75-300mm lens on the camera.  If that is the case, then the shot could easily be from the bike path, but with a bit more lens than you are used to seeing on the UGB.

  Okay, I just took a look at the EXIF settings.  Here is the lowdown.  Lens 75-300 (I am feeling good about my guessing skills right now).  Focal length 75mm.   Yikes!  She shot it in Auto mode!

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