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Karen Webb caros at aros.net
Fri Mar 23 18:04:45 PDT 2007

Does this guy have an email address?  I tried first initial last name 
@sltrib.com, which is the formula for most reporters there but it 
bounced as unknown.  On the other hand, if he's a stringer as I was, 
that formula might not work.  Could you post what you have of his 
contact info again, as we're happy to chat with him as a gazing family 
of long standing (although certainly not the most knowledgable!)

Parkes1 at aol.com wrote:

> I just spoke with Brett Prettyman, from the Salt Lake Tribune, he and 
> his family enjoy Yellowstone and visit there each year, he tries to do 
> a story in the SL Trib each year and he is thinking of Geysers this 
> year, He is still trying to pin down a date to go this year and would 
> like to meet and interview Geyser Gazers while he is in the park this 
> year so that he can write an article that accurately to lets the 
> tribune readers learn about the Yellowstone Geysers and the neat 
> things the Geyser Gazers do to monitor and keep track of the geyser 
> activity in the park.  He would like to talk with some of our Utah 
> Geyser Gazers to get some suggestions on what would be best to do, but 
> anyone that has suggestions on what he should plan to do and see would 
> be helpful.  I know we all have our favorite Geysers and it would be 
> neat if we could get him to see them all, but I know his time will be 
> limited to the few day he plans for his trip. This certainly will be a 
> good opportunity for the Gazers to tell our story.
> Mel Parkes
> Layton, Utah
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