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I just spoke with Brett Prettyman, from the Salt Lake Tribune, he and his 
family enjoy Yellowstone and visit there each year, he tries to do a story in the 
SL Trib each year and he is thinking of Geysers this year, He is still trying 
to pin down a date to go this year and would like to meet and interview 
Geyser Gazers while he is in the park this year so that he can write an article 
that accurately to lets the tribune readers learn about the Yellowstone Geysers 
and the neat things the Geyser Gazers do to monitor and keep track of the 
geyser activity in the park.  He would like to talk with some of our Utah Geyser 
Gazers to get some suggestions on what would be best to do, but anyone that has 
suggestions on what he should plan to do and see would be helpful.  I know we 
all have our favorite Geysers and it would be neat if we could get him to see 
them all, but I know his time will be limited to the few day he plans for his 
trip. This certainly will be a good opportunity for the Gazers to tell our 
Mel Parkes
Layton, Utah

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