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Janet Chapple jochapple at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 21 19:49:59 PDT 2007

What a shame to lose John Tebby! My sincere sympathy to those close to 
him. He was very kind and helpful to me more than once at Norris. An 
excellent example of what I like so much about park rangers.

Janet Chapple

On Mar 21, 2007, at 2:35 PM, carolyn loren wrote:

>  Spring arrived yesterday; naturally it was blowing snow in the 
> basin.  But, bikable.  My reward was a vigorous Penta i.e. at 1520.  
> Grotto was off when I was out there; Bijou was on.
>  Today, 3/21, Katy Duffy and I watched a decent Giant hot period, 
> 1433-1441, with again 2-6' surges from Mastiff, a little something 
> from Turtle, but no good surges from Giant itself.  There was no 
> restart.  Oblong erupted at 1434.
>  For those who knew him, John Tebby died yesterday in the early 
> morning, in his sleep.
>  I'll be away for a couple weeks...
>  Carolyn at Old Faithful
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