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Wed Mar 21 17:08:10 PDT 2007

Where are the oil springs at Norris?

While the issue is up, it is worth noting that iron oxide minerals will also 
give water an oily sheen.  You can tell whether the sheen is really oil by 
dragging a twig across the surface of the water.  If the sheen breaks up into 
cakes, it is iron-based, but if it swirls around the twig without breaking up, 
it is oil.

Jeff Cross
jacross at lamar.colostate.edu

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>Hello Grover,
>I can say for certain that there are three such springs in
>the Norris area.  I have photos but they are several
>thousand miles away from me at the moment.
>Take Care,
>On Tue, 20 Mar 2007 09:44:07 -0500 (CDT)
>  snorkology at sysmatrix.net wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Thanks to Lee for correcting me on the name of Rainbow
>>Springs. It brings
>> up a question though---am I to assume that there is
>> more than one spring
>> out there with the oily surface sheen? I have
>>essentially no information
>> on hand regarding these features, in fact I've never
>>even seen a photo of
>> them. If anyone has one I'd like to see it.
>>                                    Grover Schrayer
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