[Geysers] Geyser Report 3-18-07

Mike Keller KSCOPE_YNP at peoplepc.com
Sun Mar 18 16:18:03 PDT 2007

Weather wasn't as nice today with clouds and a steady wind that more
annoying than anything:


Dome was active when I went into the basin at 0740.  It was erupting at
15-20 minute intervals to about 4 feet.


I saw Plume at 0919 and again at 1014.  Both eruptions had 4 bursts.


The small vents around Beehive's cone were bubbling again this morning.
Beehive's Indicator was not in eruption at 1228, but was in eruption at
1236.  Beehive started at 1240.


Castle had a major eruption at 0842.


Sawmill was in eruption most of the day today again.  It was 0738ie, still
ie at 1108.  It was off at 1236 when Uncertain erupted, then back on at
1355ie and still in eruption when I left at 1510.


Grand was empty at 0800.  Rift was in eruption at the same time.  Grand then
erupted at 1429 (N/T1C) with a duration of 10m 10s.


I only saw Oblong once, at 1228ie.


The Giant area was dead.  Grotto was in eruption at 0820ie and still in
eruption when I left at 1510.  It appeared that it has been in eruption for
a few hours when I first saw it.


I only saw Daisy once, at 1400.


Riverside erupted at 1314ie.


The spring across the road from Spouter Geyser at Black Sand Basin that has
typically been lined with thick orange cyanobacteria has heated up to the
point all the bacteria is dead.


Sunset Lake appears to be dormant.  It never erupted while I was there and
there is orange bacteria growing from the edge of its basin almost all the
way to its vent.


"Salt and Pepper" were in eruption every time I passed by them yesterday and
today.  Black Diamond was slightly murky both times I checked it.



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