[Geysers] Check out member mnewcomb2 on Webshots!

mnewcomb at xmission.com mnewcomb at xmission.com
Fri Mar 2 22:55:41 PST 2007

I thought I would mention that I have 5 short videos of the Giant eruption of September 4, 2006. The videos are in sequence and appear before several photos of that Giant eruption and the people on hand. This was a normal function eruption.

On the first video, Julie convinces Giant to erupt during the hot period.

The second video show Giant reaching incredible heights with Emperor John and Julie hugging at the end of the video

The third video is very amusing. You will see around the half way point of the video a couple checking their map and heading away from an enormous-erupting Giant as they are on their way for a tight sight-seeing schedule.

The forth video shows the continuation of Giant and the fifth video shows the ending stages of Giant

I have had these videos on this Webshots album for some time but have never mentioned it before and thought you might enjoy during the winter lull.

For the protection of your ears, remember to turn your volume down on the first video as Julie gives Giant his marching orders. To move from one video to the next, use the back button on your browser and then open the next video in sequence. The album should be the first one on this page of albums with the "New" stamped on the album. The location is:



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