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I keep  seeing this feature on the hill beyond the Back Basin, and
forgetting to  ask someone about it. It's very noticeable, is it a large
fumarole, a  geyser, a perpetual spouter? An over-achieving  mudpot?

Well, surely that is Emerald Spring in the near foreground and we're  looking 
more-or-less toward the west. So therefore, that feature is Recess  Spring, 
which in recent yers has erupted, either as a perpetual spouter or a  
very-short interval geyser, to as high as 15 feet. Back in 1974, when I was  a ranger 
at Norris, Recess was a bubbling pool. And now largely inactive (not  showing 
at all in Grover's photo, I don't think), in the next alcove to the  south is 
Psychedelic Steam Vent; when active its steam is obvious, but the vent  itself 
cannot be seen from anyplace but actually in the alcove.
Scott Bryan

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