[Geysers] [Fwd: Old Faithful regression formula]

Udo Freund gosastore at qnet.com
Sun Nov 19 07:12:06 PST 2006

To all on the list,
Please help Thomas.  I believe predictions are no longer based upon a 
regression formula, or are they?  As I understand current activity, OF 
erupts bimodally, shorts are rare and longs are common.



I'm currently and undergrad at the Colorado School of Mines, and I'm  
working on a project that includes creating a simple computational  
model for geyser behavior.  I'm focusing on Old Faithful, and I was  
hopping could find the regression formula currently used to predict  
each subsequent eruption.  I haven't been able to locate the  
information on the web or in any journals and etc . . .. I'm going to  
try and introduce some random behavior in the hopes of producing  
behavior similar to Old Faithfuls, and I'd like to compare my results  
with the regression model.  My hope is that someone at the GOSA has  
accesses to this formula and would be willing to share it with me.

Thank you,
Thomas Cullison
Geophysical Engineering
Colorado School of Mines

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