[Geysers] Grand Geyser - ten bursts?

James Graber jgra at loc.gov
Mon Jan 30 08:14:43 PST 2006

As I recall, prior to the 1959 earth quake, 7-11 bursts was the norm, but they were all short, like today's second and third bursts.  the first burst was only a little longer than the others.
Jim Graber, who saw many multiple burst grands prior to 1959.

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Just for clarification's sake:  the eruption Dave Goldberg videotaped was on 
July 10, 1995 and had ten bursts plus one afterburst for a total of eleven.  
On August 2, 1996, Grand had an eleven-burst eruption, no afterbursts.  Dave 
G. was lucky enough to be present at both eruptions, but only taped the 1995 

--Tara Cross
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