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Interesting.  There is no way the main crater of Morning erupted.  If the activity was from "Morning's Thief" then it is something that has never been seen from it before.  There was the usual wash around "MT"s vent on 1/07, but nothing to indicate it erupted "80 to 100 feet".  "MT" has been seen several times this winter by coach drivers and snowmobile guides, but never reported to a height greater than 5 to 10 feet.  However, it did have an eruption to about 30 feet seen last summer so who knows!  All I can say again is the main crater of Morning did not erupt and has not since April of 1994.


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>John Tebbe who works at Norris in the summer, saw bursts he estimated at 80 
>to 100', from the boardwalk.  Fountain was erupting, so he moved towards 
>Twig to get a better view.
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>>There was  a report from at least 2 snowmobile guides from West  
>>that Morning Geyser erupted with  Fountain on 1/05.  Both witnessed it from
>>the main road, not from the  boardwalk.  When I visited the area at 1400 on
>>1/06, there was deep snow  and undisturbed gravel up to the rim of  
>>I take by this that Mike feels that Morning did NOT erupt. But might the
>>guides have seen Morning's Thief, which I and others saw erupt well over 20 
>>high (likely over 30 feet) more than once in 2005.
>>Scott Bryan
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