[Geysers] Geyser report September 22

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Thu Sep 22 16:20:20 PDT 2005

Not a whole lot of geyser news here today, as I went over to spend a while  
at West Thumb. Where I did not catch Lone Pine but did see Occasional  
(intervals of 23, 19 and 22 minutes, one duration of 93 seconds) and a  surge by Surge.
I did that as a "last visit of 2005," as I will be leaving for California  on 
Sunday, October 2.
A couple of people tell me that yesterday's photo showing the new boardwalk  
at Grotto arrived to them as html mishmash. So here it is again but as a small 
 jpg attachment.
In the LGB, I saw Fungoid Spring in eruption at 0801, 2 to 3 feet high. At  
about 1430, its water level was 2 or 3 inches below the rim.
In the UGB I caught little but this:
The early report that Grotto had been in marathon was decidedly incorrect.  A 
normal eruption ended at 0949, minutes after the 0946 Giant hot period that  
lasted all of 2m 12s.
I saw Plume intervals of 47, 46, and 50 minutes.
Big Anemone seemed about the same as yesterday except perhaps more  frequent.
Beehive was at 1047 after an Indicator of only 5 minutes. That's an  interval 
of 23h 28m. By the way, it is now believed that yesterdays 1119  eruption 
with with either a very short or possibly no Indicator.
The start of this morning's Grand was again missed, as being 0824 ie  (x1C).
Tis all.
Scott Bryan
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