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Would you please re post the Grotto boardwalk image as an attachment for us "red x" challenged users?

Thanks in advance.


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Some basic info first:

Grand at 0853ie, a 1 burst eruption after an interval of less than 6h 43m.
Plume gave intervals of 50, 53 and 52 minutes.
Beehive was at 1119 for an interval of 21h 35m. Little Squirt was near start at 0921 and Bronze was active. I'd left the Hill more than an hour earlier and apparently nobody was in sight to know anything about the Indicator except that it apparently was first spotted only a few seconds before Beehive.
My one interval on Daisy was 3h 05m.
Giant's post marathon hot period was only seen near its end, that at 1128. India was about 3/4 covered.
Lots of other miscellany, of course, but that comprises the "biggies."

You've heard some about the new boardwalk at Grotto. This should give you the feeling:

Yesterday I noted odd behavior at the Anemones. Here is a basic rundown of what I observed today:
0902 arrival on Geyser Hill
0906 Big Anemone
0907 Little Anemone
0923 Big, d = 12s
0930 Little, d ~ 12m
0949:18 Big, d = 22s
0951:12, Little, d = 42s
0952:40 Little, d = 11m 22s
1006:41 Big, d = 18s
1012:23 Little
1033 Big
1041 Little

During the above time frame I was never more distant than Plume. So intervals on Big Anemone are quite long (17, 26, 17 1/2, and ~27 minutes) and its durations are short. Furthermore, the eruptions begin before any water is visible, starting with noisily gushing steam before spray jetting from the vent. Yesterday I noted that there was no overflow. Today some water was reaching into Little Anemone but there was still none to or along the runoff channels next to the boardwalk.

Scott Bryan
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