[Geysers] once again on Giant

Debbie Sjodin Debbie.Sjodin at spl.org
Wed Sep 7 08:21:52 PDT 2005

Appologies for the aborted attempt of yesterday at filling in details on
the Aug. 29 erruption of Giant. The software is rather odd and
Herb Simmon and I plus a couple of fringe gazer freinds, a newbie gazer
watching his second hot period ever were basically at the hot period
because the water in the GIP had been incredibly high for a day or so
and the previous hot period had been weak to say the least.
The first vent on was the Southwest vents, followed by Feather and a
minute later by Feather satellitre, Rust was bubbling and Turtle was
minimally overflowing. The surging in Mastiff never exceeded 3-4 feet
and was never very wide. It dropped below overflow once and came back.
Feath and Feather Satellite coninued strong throughout the entire hot
period. After a brief recovery Mastiff dropped out of sight, Posthole
began errupting to about a foot and Cave started errupting also to 1-2
feet. Giant did not display what is called usually vertical surging. The
amount of water was massive but less than half the height of the cone
for at least 2 minutes. The surges were from back to front and huge.
Eventually the height of the surging grew and topped the cone. Best hot
period I ever saw.

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