[Geysers] Looking to buddy up with someone late August

Karen Webb caros at aros.net
Mon Jul 18 21:51:32 PDT 2005

 From Karen Webb

Hi gang:
    Due to a recent death in the family, my 8yo and I may need to tackle 
our August trip to the park without my husband, and I'm wondering if 
anyone from the Utah/southeastern Idaho area might be interested in 
buddying up at least for the drive.  We take bikes and are willing to 
share the car.  We ended up with one of the Snow Lodge cabins (quite 
large, this one just has one bed so has even more floor space) and would 
be willing to share the space if you need a place to stay.  We're booked 
for the week of August 21 but can shorten a little if necessary to 
accomodate another driver.  Takers?  There's a chance we'll be 
relinquishing if we can't work this out (oh, dread!), so feel free to 
contact us if this is a reservation time/accomodation you can use.

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