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Thu Apr 21 12:29:01 PDT 2005

Out of curiosity, a while back I asked Katy Duffy if the Three Sisters Road 
and parking at the Lower Store would be available. Well, unfortunately, today 
(Thursday, April 21) I received the following from Katy.

Scott Bryan
Contrary to what I told you a few weeks ago, Three Sisters Junction will be
closed to all traffic when park roads open tomorrow. I sincerely apologize
for the major inconvenience.

In late February Old Faithful sub-district patrol ranger Bonnie Schwartz
and I conveyed our concerns about a proposed closure at Three Sisters to
the landscape architects who drew up the plans. We asked that the closure
occur between the lower store and the Inn. I asked for this closure to
allow convenient parking for walking/bicycling down basin. Bonnie also
preferred this closure because it allowed access to the service road behind
the Inn and would be easier to enforce.

However, at the meeting we attended last week, the Three Sisters closure
was announced as the official closure. The reason given was to funnel
visitors to where commercial services are available. The closure would be
in effect until June 3 when the lower store opens.

So for now Three Sisters Junction is closed and Old Faithful patrol will
enforce the closure.

I have and will continue to plead my case for a closure that provides
visitor access to a popular trailhead.

My apologies to everyone who is inconvenienced by this closure.
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