[Geysers] FW: UW-fac: Geologist to Talk on Yellowstone Lake

Tamsen Leigh Hert THert at uwyo.edu
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This was an enlightening talk.  She will be in the Park this summer
continuing her work.  Perhaps there is some way that Hank or someone
could get her to give this talk up there.   

Tamsen Emerson Hert, MLS, MA 
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"In the huge dining-room of the Canyon Hotel 
in Yellowstone Park you can look through the 
plate-glass windows to a country across the 
Yellowstone River that practically does not know 
what a man is.  And anywhere in our national 
parks, off the highways, crowded with motors, 
are unbroken solitudes.  I wonder how many of 
the tourists in Yellowstone Park, or the other 
parks realize this?" 

--Struthers Burt, 
     "Diary of  a Dude Wrangler,"  p. 313 



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	Lisa Morgan

	Geologist U.S. Geological Survey Wednesday, April 13, 2005

	12:00 Noon

	Union Family Room 

	 [snip]... and active hydrothermal processes occurring above a
large magma chamber on the lake floor. ...[snip]

I'm really sorry I couldn't make this talk, as I'd love to know more
about this large magma chamber on the lake floor....
Scott Bryan
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