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I was going to write down the idiocies but gave up after a while.  Firehole
Creek Basin is where the geysers are.  Some of the satellite images showing
something around Jeffrey City erupting rather than Yellowstone (that'll make
driving 287 to the Park a real tough go).  3 to 4 million people living
within 100 miles of Yellowstone.  Shots of LA freeways showing people
leaving Yellowstone.  Leaving the Old Faithful Inn and having lush deciduous
trees around it.  A fancy cabin with ponderosa pine (and more lush deciduous
stuff) really close to Norris.  And the only park service people I really
noticed (the USGS is EVERYWHERE in the faux park) were two guys putting up
Trail Closed signs at Norris who got blew to smithereens in a huge
hydrothermal blast that was a few thousand feet tall.

There was one REALLY COOL special effect:  The boardwalk from the Fountain
Overlook back towards A Fumarole that went slow motion Kablooey, like one of
those big worms in Tremors was traveling underground, and NTFL and Frolic
going bonkers in the background. 

The science was... Meh. Enough for me to say occasionally, "Well, they got
that right."  

What was most disappointing was... it just wasn't impressive... the actual
Caldera explosion/collapse.  A bunch of CGI columns of ash.  A bunch of
people looking pensively at computer monitors - "Another vent is opening...
another one..."  Faux CNN reporters talking about the loss of life.   This
was a disaster movie on the cheap - not good enough to scare people.  Not
bad enough to laugh at.  

Meh.  I taped it, but put the tape into the reuse bin.

Paul S.

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I was expecting some sort of post event comments on this program. My
biggest disappointment was the lack of understanding of access roads to
and from the park. And to me very strange numbers of people affected by
the early stages of pyroclastic erruption and ash fall. Where are all
those people? Also they showed brief clips of cities being wiped out and
they don't look like cities in Wyoming. I know I'm not a city person but
those look like big cities, with built up downtown cores. The use of
historic footage was OK. Especially Mt. St. Helens but the palm trees
gave away it was Mt. Pinitubo.
Maybe folks will be afraid to come to the park this season. or not.
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