[Geysers] Giantess and Krakatoa questions

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> Many thanks to Karen Low for the poiner to the Kipling 
> piece. It's truly wonderful. 
> It led to a question of my own, though. I was browsing 
> through the NPS photo archive and came across some photos of an 
> area called Death Gulch. Kipling, I see, mentions it too, but 
> I can't recall having heard of it before. Looks adequately 
> thermal. I assume the dead animals were overcome by gas 
> emissions? Where is this place? 
> _______________________________________________ 
>Off of Cache Creek. It is a gas trap. If you are into fiction it is the pace that Wahb the grizzly dies in _The Biography of a Grizzly_ by Ernest Thompson Seton. A good description is in _The Bears of Yellowstone_ by Schullery. It's also mentioned  in _Yellowstone Place Names_ by Whittlesey.  Dave Grigg
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