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Mon May 1 17:51:03 PDT 2017

For folks who are receiving this error message trying to sign up to the new
list serv (Google Group).

"You only have read-only access to groups outside your domain. Contact your
domain administrator for more information."

>From what I can find, it would appear that the email address your trying to
use to signup is part of either a Google Apps for Business, Google Apps for
Education or Google Apps for Non Profits domain.  It may also be referred
to as G Suite.  This isn't something that wrong with the new Google Group
but rather a problem with the email account you're trying to sign up with.

Possible solutions:

Contact your administrator or help desk that runs your email account and
ask that they modify the settings for your Google Apps domain to allow you
to signup for groups outside of your organization.

Depending on the size of your organization this may be difficult, in the
interim or if you're unable to get them to make this change to the domain,
you could try a different email address that isn't part of a Google Apps

Here is a similar thread on the topic in case your Google Domain Admin
isn't sure what to do.


Good Luck,
-Art Haeussler
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