[Geysers] Snow at Old Faithful

lotusb3 lotusb3 at earthlink.net
Mon Sep 12 19:07:01 PDT 2016

Well we have been treated to a white day!Snow all day since 8:30 Not many gazers here, so Keith and I started a walk around geyser hill, found Warren Hoppe on Beehive. I decided to join him. That was about 10:30... Keith walked on and rejoined us periodically with dry gloves and food. We gave up about 4:30because we were wet and cold and all we had seen had been splashing.Keith got a walk up almost on Auram and then a Lion! Lucky man!There were a few visitors  plus a young boy and his dad that made the trek 3 times to see how we were doing! I think a future gazer in the young one, he had his radio and was hoping to get to use it.That's all for tonightLotus 

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