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Appreciate the update.



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Sadly, mysteries abound in the email world.  The only explanation for lost email from the listserve that I am aware of is mis-identification as spam.  There is so much spam that the service providers are forced to employ aggressive spam filters -- estimates run at about 70% or more -- to keep things mostly under control.  For some reason, our listserve email appears to fall into the spam traps much more than does personal email.

A while ago, Walla Walla University gave notice that they would start phasing out the Mailman list server that we are using.  We are now the last active list (465 addresses) and software updating has been discontinued for some time, so we are behind by more than a dozen updates, which may mean that list distributions are more likely to be blocked by the spam filter at your service provider.

Dave and I will be talking soon about what to do next.  It is possible that I can continue our present list on a WWU network server that I maintain personally.  That would bring some hazards, but it may be the only way for us to continue with the same address.  Otherwise, we could go to a roughly equivalent Internet service with a different address.

We should have more news before long.

Carlton Cross

      	TSBryan at aol.com        22 November, 2016 12:26    
Once again I write, as have others. It comes to my attention that in the past week or more (probably a lot more, actually), items have evidently been posted on the Geysers listserv (lists.wallawalla.edu), but they never came to me. I only know this because people have attached such posts to items of their own, which have been sent directly to me. (Chris MacIntosh, hello-- it's been a long time!)
It sounds like GOSA is making some favorable inroads with NPS policies and activities. The list ought to serve to inform people about such things. But it seems not to be doing so, for me and certainly not also for others.The point is, of course: What good is a listserv if subscribers don't receive its posts?
T. Scott Bryan
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