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Dear All, 

For those who can't read the document, the most troublesome part of Order #100 is section 6: 

    * The Precautionary Principle requires that, when an activity raises plausible or probable threats of harm to park resources and/or human health, management should take anticipatory action even when there is uncertainty. When such uncertainty exists, NPS managers will take actions that err on the side of caution to protect natural and cultural resources in accordance with section 7 of this Order. Any decision made using the precautionary principle should take into account: (1) the threat of harm to park resources or public health; (2) the level of scientific uncertainty; and (3) the preventive, precautionary action. 

This is the kind of "precautionary" thinking that has closed White Creek and Shoshone Geyser Basin. The NPS vows to "err on the side of caution," and so they go on their merry errant way. We have to stop this or get it rescinded if it is adopted. 

Steve Gryc 

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I read some of this and have no idea what this is really about. Can you explain? 

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Please read and take note of the following document, especially section 6 (lines 215-264). 

The public comment period closes on **November 18th.** 

There is little time. 

Think about the implications of this policy, please. 


Jeff Cross 
jeff.cross at utah.edu 


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