[Geysers] Three Listserve questions

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Tue Nov 1 10:19:05 PDT 2016


To answer some of your questions. If an older listserve was going before 2004 I personally have no idea if any of that is currently archived in digital form (this question is likely for Carlton). I do know that it does not exist on the current GOSA web server to my knowledge.

For Lee printing the reports in the past/currently I would send him a personal email to find that out exactly what he did and is currently doing. 

On missing reports, personally I have not heard of any reports that I have missed to my knowledge. Also for an old report maybe they left the exact source off and meant it was reported elsewhere or in personal communication.

For the “attachment scrubbed”. That is likely just something that is added by the server saying it passed its virus scan.

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