[Geysers] Geyser Report Thursday, May 19, 2016

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Geyser Report Thursday, May 19, 2016

0747 Grand
0747 Beehive

On the plus side, I got a dual picture.

More observations:

The 35mph limit by Midway has been extended to the Flood Overlook.

The Castle bridge trail was open this AM.. The old bridge planks were put
back in place yesterday.  The platform of the bridge is a bit higher, a
relief to anyone pushing a wheelchair.  The log side rails seem very short.
  The boardwalk begins as wood, and is textured plastic boards along Castle
and past Crested Pool, before reverting to wood as the walk drops down to
the bridge.  There is a "T" where the walk turns at Crested Pool, reaching
just a bit toward the back of Castle.  Perhaps there will be more of a
morning rainbow opportunity?  The walk is back a bit more from Castle and
Crested, and much more so from Tilt's Baby.  There was no fence where the
walk passed Castle.

A short (not tall) fence is in place along the pullout at 3 Sisters,
between the turnout and the spring.

Today's Chronicle reported building will begin in early June on the
official trail and overlook replacing the social trails on the hills south
of Grand Prismatic.  The Steel Bridge parking will be closed as well as the
the trail from there to Fairy Falls trailhead.  Fairy Falls will be
acessible only from the Fountain Flat road (8.8mi vs 5mi).  The article
discussed winter access via that route as well, so it sounds like a lengthy

Most folks seem to be using Geyser Times to report and follow eruption
times in the basin.  There are no more 0700 morning "geyser reports" going

I saw 1 swan on the Firehole N of the Nez Perce Picnic Area.  Others have
also reported seeing just one.  Any chance one is sitting on a nest?  On
Firehole Canyon Drive, a pair of Canada geese seem to have a nest on a high
rock on the cliff face on the far side of the river.  If so, it will be
quite a "launch" when the goslings leave the nest.

I overheard a visitor 10-15 feet from a group of bison make the "But I was
on the trail" argument.

Overheard at the Beehive Overlook after the 0747 Beehive:  "Now I don't
need that cup of coffee!".

0747 Grand was T1C 10min 2 sec per Jim Scheirer who was holding down that
Beehive's Indicator Geyser: 0735  There were 2 very nice splashes from the
cone starting at 0729.
Lion: 0555 initial wc GT, 0722 GT, 0830ie
Depression: 0652 wc GT
Castle: 0618 major GT
Oblong: 0716 ns frs

I watched a long series of Jet eruptions at about 7 min intervals
0954-1209, retired briefly to the pullout N of the basin when the rain
drops and threatening skies frightened me away, but I did not see action
from anything else at Fountain.  It had been under observation for approx.
40 min. prior to my arrival.

The weather is not promising tomorrow.  I hear Saturday is West Yellowstone
cleanup day.  I expect to be out of the park both days.

Barbara Lasseter
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