[Geysers] new breakout near Plume Geyser

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Wed Mar 9 11:30:09 PST 2016

Here we go again -- throwing out names hither 'n' yon without coordination. 
 It seems fairly clear that "Fandango" is not the thing in the old 
"Ballcap" area  near Plume... but now there is a video with that incorrect ID out on 
You Tube.  Drat. Clearly, too, that Ballcap-area thing no longer deserves a 
name like  "Bottlecap." Sorry.
Thanks, Udo, for suggesting that maybe people ought to dispense with names  
unless/until something settles down and deserves a name. 
For the record, by the way, that erupting fracture above Scissors -- Pat's  
"Fandango" -- is the feature that a few years ago was frequently, 
repeatedly and  _very_ wrongly identified as Bench Geyser. It was called on the 
radio, so no  doubt got into the logbooks any number of times.
Scott Bryan (who really doesn't _want_ to be The Curmudgeon, but  
In a message dated 3/9/2016 11:09:48 A.M. US Mountain Standard Time,  
riozafiro at gmail.com writes:

That's not the feature I called Fandango Geyser. Fandango is on the high  
shoulder across the boardwalk and above Scissors Spring (there's a 
significant  crack up there, and Fandango erupts from it). I have a photo of Fandango 
I can  try to dig up when I get home from work, but just wanted to 
clarify--the  feature in this video isn't it.
Pat Snyder

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