[Geysers] New Old Faithful Lodge Cabins

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Wed Jun 29 22:13:26 PDT 2016

Thought I would update the gazers on what the situation is with the new lodge cabins for next year.

The renovations to the employee cabins will be completed by this next summer and once done the cabins will be put on the market to be sold as guest cabins.

Currently the lodge has 96 cabins. Next year the lodge will have 161 cabins so that is a growth of 65 cabins. Here is the break down of the cabins now and next year.
C3 = ADA Frontier cabin w/ 1 double and 1 single bed
C4 = ADA Frontier cabin w/ 2 double beds
ED = ADA Cabin w/o bath w/ 1 double bed
F3 = Frontier Cabin w/ 1 double and 1 single bed
FD = Frontier Cabin w/ 1 double bed
XD = Cabin w/o bath w/ 1 double bed
X3 = Cabin w/o bath w/ 1 double and 1 single bed
X4 = Cabin w/o bath w/ 2 double beds

Room Type/Current Inventory/Next Year Inventory

Attached is a map of the new cabins. The brown numbers are all Frontier cabins, purple are cabins without a bath, and blue are ADA cabins. The quads are all F3s and the duplexes are FDs or XDs.

Also this fall after closing all the current cabins will be getting new carpet and all cabins will be getting electronic key card door locks.

Will Boekel
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