[Geysers] Eruption data request (Relay from Scott Bryan)

Mara Reed mara.reed at me.com
Tue Jul 19 09:09:11 PDT 2016

I have the data you seek and have not yet been able to enter it with detailed notes. I’ve been ill since I returned from my brief Yellowstone trip and have also been focused on my geophysics research this summer. I am wary of posting backcountry data to a virtually public place and do not plan on writing a detailed trip report for this list. Rest assured, the data will be made accessible in an appropriate place.

While I agree that data quality can be an issue, you might consider actually talking to the people who bothered to hike all the way out to Shoshone and giving them a chance to get the data available (I’m now aware you spoke briefly to Will) before posting a public note with a blatant air of superiority, and even then without including an e-mail address that I could privately contact you by to explain my reservations so as not to crowd up the list. Forgive me if I read your tone wrong, but I will make no secret about it - this sort of thing irks me.

All the best,
Mara Reed

> On Jul 19, 2016, at 9:18 AM, Carlton Cross <Carlton.Cross at wallawalla.edu> wrote:
> Recently a number of observations of geysers at Shoshone were posted to GeyserTimes, but that data included only the eruption times and no information about durations or heights, nor even in some cases, whether or not the given interval was closed or not. Information of that sort is extremely valuable, and necessary for any reasonable archive.
> Therefore, I and others (at least one of whom requested that I post this) ask that when observations are made (in the frontcountry, too), that posts be made to this list with descriptions in addition to raw data.
> Thanks.
> T. Scott Bryan
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