[Geysers] Geyser Report Tuesday, July 5, 2016

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Geyser Report Tuesday, July 5, 2016

I survived the 4th--a bit sleep deprived.  West Yellowstone allowed
fireworks from 7/1 at noon thru 7/4 midnight with no exclusion for midnight
to 6AM--tough sleeping around here the last few days.  Some of the noisy
"boomers" set off car alarms which added to the hoopla.  I have neighbors
on multiple sides who invested heavily in big fireworks!

Beehive: 1057
Beehive's Indiactor Geyser: 1037
Grand: 1016 T1Q
Castle: 0756 major
West Triplet: 0854, 1111ie
Daisy: 0536 GT, 0815ie frs, 1109ie
Rejuvenated: 1144ie

Great Fountain was not yet in overflow @ 1140.

Eastbound traffic from WYS was backed up for a lengthy distance just prior
to the campground for a group of bison in the meadow.  Traffic control was
on hand, managing stopping/parking issues, but the cars moved very slowly.
Parking at both Midway and Fountain was overflowing, but without the
multiple groups at Fountain who parked along the roadside at some distance
from the turn-in and walked across the basin to intercept the boardwalk as
was the case Saturday.  At Midway, cars just drive over the "no parking"
signed and park on top of them.

The chip sealing from Madison Jct to Old Faithful has not begun.  Road
signs are up and wrapped in black plastic, ready for construction.

The freight road from the Steel Bridge parking area has a log fence
installed on the basin side (visible from the loop road).

Fan & Mortar finally erupted 7/4 at 1427 in a rainstorm.  Last eruption
6/24 at 1853.

E Sentinel was reported on Geyser Times 7/2 at 1234.

Barbara Lasseter
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