[Geysers] Hit and Miss on receiving posts to/from the listserv

Bill Johnson canbelto at gmail.com
Wed Jan 27 18:02:39 PST 2016

My mailer (the Gmail default system) had routed Scott's post automatically
to my Spam mailbox, on the grounds that it considers anything coming from
an ancient AOL address spam unless told otherwise.  I find myself having to
"rescue" about one list post in 5 from the spam bucket for this reason, it
isn't just Scott's.  The Gmail software is apparently "smart" (sic) enough
to see the AOL addresses embedded in the message, even if the message
itself comes from the list server.  Might this have happened to your
missing messages too, Lynn/Steve/etc.?

-- Bill Johnson
(P.S. Thanks for the card, Lynn.  We didn't do cards this year due to the
deaths in the family, but will resume next year, and you'll be added to our

On Mon, Jan 25, 2016 at 8:38 PM, Lynn Stephens <lstephens2006 at hotmail.com>

> To--Moderators and others--
> After getting Deborah Moss Spurlock's response to Scott's post, but not
> receiving Scott's post, and Janet White's response to EK Esawi's post, but
> not receiving his post, I went into the archives to if there were other
> posts in January I had not received and found another post I had not
> received.  I checked and they are not going into my junk mail--they're just
> floating out into cyberspace somewhere and not coming back to my email
> address.
> Is anyone else having this problem?
> Lynn Stephens
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