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Tom and Genean, 

I should be able to send you an article on Young Hopeful/Gray Bulger early this week. 


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Hi All, 

The computer grinches must have struck again as the message below, that we sent October 15, did not arrive in listserve mailboxes. We are still working on the Sput, but have few submissions except for photos. Please send any articles or photos our way. Thanks. 

Tom and Genean Dunn 

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To our loyal Sput readers, 

We were traveling in the Southwest at the end of September and early October. We planned to get started on the October Sput as soon as we got home. Instead, our computer caused us much grief, but is now functioning well again, so we are composing the Sput. 

Remember, we cannot use any photos from Facebook as they are too low in resolution. We saw many very nice photos on FB and would love to use them in the next issue or future issues. 

Please send articles and photos by CD through snail mail or by Dropbox. 


Tom and Genean Dunn 

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