[Geysers] Data from early GPS survey unearthed

lisa fisher lisa.fisher at alumni.mines.edu
Mon Nov 2 12:14:13 PST 2015


Are these 3" or 5" floppies, and what software were they run on?
Some of us still have old machines that might be able to open these. I have
not thrown those out because I have some old discs too.

Lisa Fisher

On Sun, Nov 1, 2015 at 4:25 PM, Mike O'Brien <mikeobrien at spamcop.net> wrote:

> A little history: back in 1993, I made shameless use of my position as a
> magazine columnist at the time to inveigle Trimble Navigation into loaning
> the NPS about $20,000 worth of survey-grade GPS gear.  Rick Hutchinson,
> myself, and a bunch of my friends spent a couple of weeks touring around
> the near back country doing a GPS survey of places like the River Group,
> the Kaleidoscope area and the Sprinkler Group.
> After Rick’s death, no one was able to turn up the data files from that
> survey.  I’ve got them on about 50 floppy disks, in a backup format that
> can’t be read by any current software, so no joy there.
> However, in clearing out a storage room, I came across a manila folder
> with a bunch of hand-written tables of the reduced survey data, giving the
> differentially corrected locations of a whole bunch of features, together
> with some rough, hand-drawn sketch maps showing the features that were
> surveyed.
> I’m not sure who would most benefit from this data.  I’m looking for
> suggestions as to whom I should send it to.
> Mike O'Brien
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