[Geysers] Data from early GPS survey unearthed

Mike O'Brien mikeobrien at spamcop.net
Sun Nov 1 15:25:35 PST 2015

A little history: back in 1993, I made shameless use of my position as a magazine columnist at the time to inveigle Trimble Navigation into loaning the NPS about $20,000 worth of survey-grade GPS gear.  Rick Hutchinson, myself, and a bunch of my friends spent a couple of weeks touring around the near back country doing a GPS survey of places like the River Group, the Kaleidoscope area and the Sprinkler Group.

After Rick’s death, no one was able to turn up the data files from that survey.  I’ve got them on about 50 floppy disks, in a backup format that can’t be read by any current software, so no joy there.

However, in clearing out a storage room, I came across a manila folder with a bunch of hand-written tables of the reduced survey data, giving the differentially corrected locations of a whole bunch of features, together with some rough, hand-drawn sketch maps showing the features that were surveyed.

I’m not sure who would most benefit from this data.  I’m looking for suggestions as to whom I should send it to.

Mike O'Brien
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