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TSBryan at aol.com TSBryan at aol.com
Thu Mar 19 08:27:34 PDT 2015

I know I'd get yelled at if I posted this on Facebook, but is this another  
example of the dumbing-down of America? In the "Trader Joe's Fearless Flyer 
 Culinary Compendium,": Volume 7 -- 2015, page 16, is an ad for "Alkaline 
Water +  Electrolytes." After noting that the bottle contents are 99.9% water 
and 0.1%  minerals, the ad goes on to state this: (quote) "The mineralized 
water is  purified through reverse osmosis, then run through electric 
currents  (electrolysis), which changes the structure of the water and raises  the 
pH to 9.5+..."
Emphasis mine, as I make no further comment.
Scott Bryan
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