[Geysers] Vent Geyser today

jimscheir at aol.com jimscheir at aol.com
Thu Jun 4 17:04:49 PDT 2015

Vent Geyser, perhaps frustrated by having to compete with Grand for attention and also disappointed that Donnie and Betty Grisso and Scott Bryan left the park this morning, absolutely refused to erupt during the afternoon eruption of Grand (1341, G2C, 10min9sec) until Grand had completely stopped. It then erupted (1352) for several minutes as strongly as if it had joined in with Grand as usual. We (SteveO and I) labeled it as a C since Turban continued after Grand and had Vent join in about a minute later. There was no sign even of bubbling in Vent during the eruption of Grand. Vent and Turban then continued to erupt as normal in a C after Grand.

Jim Scheirer
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