[Geysers] Geyser Report Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Barbara Lasseter barbara.lasseter at gmail.com
Tue Jun 2 14:55:38 PDT 2015

Geyser Report Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Beehive: 0324wc (indicator: 0318ie wc)
Grand: 0527 GT (0528E, 1124 T2C
West Triplet: 1131
Turban: 1048, 1106, 1123
Lion: 0846 initial gazer, 1006, 1116 frs
Aurum: 1019
Little Cub ie @ 1004
Riverside: 0930ie
Daisy: 0326wc, 0855ie frs
Fountain: 0818ns ended approx 0854 all per steam from pullout
Great Fountain: 1117 gazer
Pink Cone: 0730
Pink: 0750
Tilt's Baby: 1041ie
Atomizer: late steam @ 1025 gazer

At the gate this AM I was informed Norris lot was closed til 11AM, but
supposedly I could hike in from the campground--not so re: the hiking
in.  I went back to Firehole Lake Dr in time to catch Pink Cone just
after its start and to see Pink.

At the UGB, went to Lion for 2nd in series, then a brief wait at
Aurum.  I've never seen Aurum look so ready to erupt!  To Grand a bit
early, but not so early as it turned out.  The adult marmots are
enjoying the grasses at the N end of the benches.  Jim Scheirer got to
see an adult move the babies to a new den in that area a few days
ago--4 trips witnessed, so at least that many young to come out
playing soon.

Very foggy this AM, and mostly cloudy and windy later.  Rain at
midday.  That fog increases driving risk, not just re: animals on
road, but an amazing number of drivers who neglect to use headlights.
Saw the aftermath of an accident S of Gibbon picnic area--seemed like
auto-animal event since a big yellow payloader (?--not up on my heavy
equipment terminology) arrived and only 1 damaged vehicle was there as
I passed going/coming Norris.

The 2 entrances to the Flood overlook are blocked with constructipon
barrels--not sure why.  Mary Mtn trail still closed.  I did see the
Morning Mist steam one morning this past week. Still no trashcan at
Castle. Ear spring has no sign--I thought it used to have one. The
Powerline Tr is blocked by a sandwich board of diagonal red/white
stripes where it leaves the Artemisia trail near Biscuit but no
explanation.  Boardwalk maintenance was underway today from Lion to
Castle.  They painted the center yellow stripe most of the way to the
W Entrance gate while I was in the park today.

I've had at least a bit of rain (or snow) every day since I arrived.
I know it doesn't provide the long term moisture of a good snow pack,
but it's nice to see things greening up.

I've been reminded that I have all summer to catch that Ledge
eruption, and I did catch some nice geysers today!   Full moon should
bring out some gazers.

Barbara Lasseter

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